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3 Layer Polyethylene Coating

The 3LPE system is a multilayer coating composed of FBE, copolymer adhesive and high density polyethylene. Three layer polyethylene pipe

3 Layer Polypropylene Coating

The 3LPP System is a multilayer coating composed of FBE, copolymer adhesive and polypropylene. Three layer polypropylene pipe coating system

BITUSEAL Pipe Coating

BITUSEAL® is a polymer-modified bitumen coating system that offers both reliability and affordability to clients. BITUSEAL® pipe coating has an

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy (FBE)

FBE is a high quality corrosion protection system that offers exceptional adhesion to steel surfaces along with excellent compatibility with cathodic protection systems.

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Pipe Coating

Dual layer FBE is a state of the art coating system that offers the same excellent adhesion and compatibility to cathodic protection systems that single layer FBE offers with the added benefit of enhanced corrosion protection and mechanical resistance.

Low Application Temperature FBE

Low Application Temperature Fusion Bond Epoxy (LAT-FBE) is an FBE powder coating system for special pipeline designs that requires a low application temperature.

Multi Layer FBE Coating

The FBE coating for casings and tubings is a multi-layer powder epoxy system specifically formulated for the external coating of casings & tubings. The system offers a combination of corrosion resistance, flexibility, gauge-resistance, and adhesion to cement.

Multi Layer Liquid Epoxy Coating

These multi component systems can be applied to a wide range of pipes, fittings, and steel structures.

They can also be plant-applied in different multi-layer versions so as to enhance to combined features of the coating system.

Oxidized Bitumen Enamel Coating

Bitumen enamel is a plant applied durable pipe coating based on oxidized bitumen that has been used for many years for corrosion protection of steel pipes.

Powder Epoxy & Polyester Coating

Epoxy powders offer some of the most reliable and proven corrosion protection systems in the industry.

Reinforced BITUSEAL Coating

Reinforced BITUSEAL® is a version of the BITUSEAL® pipe coating system that possesses added mechanical resistance. A stabilized polypropylene jacket enhances BITUSEAL's mechanical properties.

RockGuard Pipe Coating

RockGuard® is a 'bendable' plant applied reinforced concrete pipe coating developed for rocky terrain, rough terrain configurations such as slopes and for road and river crossings.